Ccru Cybernetic culture research unit
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Gnostic Antichristian Christianity of Reverend Martin Bergman: Easter Sermon, Obituary.
Hermetic lore of the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton: The Excruciation of Hummpa-Taddum, Inside the AOE, Axsys-Crash, Spheres of the AOE.
Hyperfictional researches from the Cthulhu Club. Selections from the Stillwell-Vysparov correpondence: Origins of the Cthulhu Club.
Iris Carver on Crypt-culture: A-Death, Cyberhype, Millennial Nonevent, Unlife, Unscreened Matrix. Dr. Linda Trent on abused K-Goths: CE-5+. Tzikvik Fragments: Worm Games, Wendigo's
Afro-Atlantean amphibious cargo culture: From Subversion to Submersion.
Lemurian Pandemonium: The Zones. Zone Zero. Zone One. Zone Two. Zone Three. Zone Four. Zone Five. Zone Six. Zone Seven. Zone Eight. Zone Nine. Book of Paths
Works from Miskatonic Virtual University. Professor D C Barker: Cryptolith, Tick Delirium. Dr. Oskar Sarkon: Between and Beneath the Net. Dr. Linda Trent: Zombie Makers.