Ccru Cybernetic culture research unit
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Alien Abduction Experience and Research Abduction survey, support group, with a large number of links.

Alien Resistance Mainstream biblical Ufology - spiritual warfare against the grays (with links to CE-4 and Nephilim resistance).

The Black Vault 78000 pages of government records obtained through the freedom of information act (especially strong on UFO's)

Centre for UFO Studies Hynek's dissapointingly modest site. Contains some interesting stuff on Roswell, UFO history, and government UFO reports.

International Center for Abduction Research Some articles and an faq by David Jacobs.

Intruders Foundation Budd Hopkins' UFO Abduction Research Organization (rather limited site, ok for data on/by Budd).

Jacques Vallee Interviews with Vallee, an introduction to the hyperstitionally rigorous engagement with UFO phenomena.

Mutual UFO Network, Inc Report UFO sightings here.

Program for Extraordinary Experience Research John Mack's relatively extensive site on abduction and hypnosis (with some interesting links).

Whitleys World Engagingly eccentric home page of Whitley Streiber, including Communion foundation, weird news, forteana, diary entries, opinion, etc...



Arzoo Dance Deepti Gupta's polymedia dance company.

Erik Davis' Figments and Inklings Erik Davis' essays on technology, magic, mysticism and more...

IOD Anarcho-technic resources

Mute UK's cyberculture zine

Orphan Drift Polymedia collective

Pat Cadigan Queen of Cyberpunk

Powerbase Alpha Neolemurians from Sweden.

V2_Organization, Intitute for Unstable Media Dutch Electronics Arts Festival .

Simon Sez:A white brit rave aesthete thinks aloud Simon Reynolds' interviews, articles, books



Foresight Institute: Nanotechnology: the Coming Revolution in Molecular Manufacturing Articles on nanotech including Drexler's "Engines of Creation"

Hans Moravec Home Page Numerous articles outlining Moravec's metatronic SF speculations.

Marvin Minsky Home Page Articles by Minsky and links to projects at MIT.

Rodney Brooks Home Page Brooks projects on situated robotics / embodied intelligence.



Abstract Machines Play the future.

Diskontent UK K-punk rantfest.

Hyperdub Sonar tracking station.

K-gothic Essays on the convergence of gothic, cybernetics, technology, theory and fiction.

K-punk Essays on tech/sonikulture.

Kode-9 Audio Warfare.

Uneasy Listening Texts on edgy ambience.



The Dan Clore Necronomicon Page History, FAQ and glossary on the Necronomicon.

The HP Lovecraft Archive Impressive (but hyperstitionally conservative) site, with excellent bibliographical resources.

Miskatonic University Bizarrely detailed simulation of academic publicity (including absurd demographical statistics).

Necronomican Anti-FAQ Smallish but superb site linking Lovecraft to the Book of Enoch, Nephilim, Magick etc. Asks the crucial question: why did Lovecraft claim to have invented the Necronomicon?

When The Stars are Right. A disturbingly obsessional Lovecraft-mythos chronology.

H.P. Lovecraft Library Online versions of classic stories including At the Mountains of Madness, The Call of Cthulhu and many more...



Global Earth History Plate tectonics maps throughout the ages.

Paleomap Project Terrestrial distribution maps and climate history (check-out the hidden truth about global warming).

Synoptic Time Table of Earth Paleological tabulation of geohistory (with special reference to fossil odonates).

Thomas Gold Articles on Deep Hot Biosphere theory.



The Nine Planets, Informative 70-body tour of the solar system (including images). Frequently depredated by planetworkers.

Solar System Simulator Nasa run quasi-immersive astro-perspective image generator (even anarcho-lemurians think its cool).

Space Calendar. Data-rich day by day schedule of local astronomical events. Invaluable for planetworks practioners.

The Universe of Aristotle and Ptolemy Diagrams of the classical cosmos.

Zodiacal Zephyr. Astrological and related resources. The nomomancy program "What's in a name?" is exquisitely mechanical.



All you Ever Wanted to Know about Pascal's Triangle Poly-perspectival slices through Pascal's Triangle.

Explore Patterns in Pascal's Triangle! Small but fun site with dynamic triangular diagrams.

Pascal's Triangle - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts Discursive treatment of issues and sources in combinatorics (with links to the I Ching, Omar Khayam, etc..)

The Prime Pages: prime number research, records, and resources. Excellent compilation of material for advanced schizonumerics.



HOROLOGY - The Index Many links to horological facts and figures.

Horology - The Science of Time Keeping Links to calendrics/chronology resources.



Aleister Crowley Foundation Numerous links to thelemism, Crowley, etc.

Atlantis: Timaeus and Critias AOE prime sources: Plato's Atlantis texts.

Blavatsky Archives Online Extensive resource of HPB's letters and articles.

The Clickable Tree of Life Just what it says.

The Forgotten Books of Eden & Other Lost Books (The Pseudepigrapha Books & Apocrypha Books) Stunning collection of esoteria, including Books of Enoch, flood around the world and much else.

Gateways to Babylon Rich source of materials on Mesopotamian myth, magic, and religion.

The Hermetic Library Libri of Aleister Crowley, Egyptian Book of the Dead (+ further link to

MeSHefe hEnok (The Book of Enoch) Ethiopian text with English translation.

The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon Abundant material on the OTO.

The Signposts Perspectives 50,999 BC-10,001 BC: Catastrophism, Lost Prehistoric Civilizations, Forgotten Technologies, and Missed Opportunities Lost civilizations timeline.

Sofer STAM (Sefer Torah,Tfilin,Mezuzah) catalogue Rich with qabbalistic material (from the perspective of the Torah scribe).

The Theosophical Society - Adyar Indian headquarters of the TS (ref to Olcott's amazing library).

The Theosophical Society International Headquarters- Pasadena, California History of the TS seen from California.

Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica Treasure trove of material including grimoires, Dee, Trithemius, Bruno, angel registry, Key of Solomon, etc, etc.



Artbyte: The magazine of digital culture America's cyberculture zine.

Businessworld. Magazine of the New Economy Check out the hype on the new India.

C-Theory The Kroker's famous cybertheory site.

Edge Articles by Dawkins, Brooks, Dyson etc.

Mirrorshades Forum on the WELL Rich source of cyberpunk material.