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Ccru Archive - scattered signal from the Datacombs

Channel Zero: End Times webcast from the black snow cult.

Cyberhype-1: Do you believe in the New Economy? (Mute 17)

Cyberhype-2: Brain Plagues. (Mute 18)

Cyberhype-3: On Irrational Exuberance. (Mute 19)

Cyberhype-4: Chinese Whisper Markets. (Mute 20)

Cyberhype-5: The Age of Asymmetry. (Mute 21)

Cyberhype-6: Darkside of the Wave. (Mute 22)

Cyberhype-7: Nanotech Nightmares. (Mute 23)

Cyberhype-8: Commodities Leap the Species Barrier. (Mute 24)

Desiring Seduction. Preparing for the New Flesh. (Mark Fisher and Suzanne Livingstone)

Doom. Remarks on the Doomspan conspiracy. (Simon Bidell)

Fei Ch'ien Rinse Out. A sino-futurist meditation.

Flatlines. Axsys meltdown. (Pli - Nomad Trajectories issue)

Lemurian Time War. William Kaye on William S. Burroughs (in William Burroughs and the Global Order, Pluto Press 2004).

Markets on the Periphery. Free markets can be hard to find.

Nomo Chant. Liturgical text of the Trinitarian Church of Dagon. (discovered by Max Crabbe)

One or Many Chinas? Ccru commentators visit the Taiwan Strait.

Powers of Illusion. A visit to the Forbidden City.

Rhythmic Practices. What makes you tick? (Syzygy)

Robopets. Cuddling the future.

Shades of Between. How do you fake an alien abduction? (Syzygy)

Skin-Crawlers. Zeta Kane hunts the Queen of the Worms. (Abstract Machines game script)

Split Second Timing. Things go wrong for Sarkon - again. (Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 2000)

Takka's Terrific Trek. Hyperstition for under-fives.

Who's Pulling your Strings? Ccru responds to the Morrison accusations (in Frozen Tears, Article Press, 2003).