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Details, unscrambled from the Outernet - a psychik grid of the dispossessed - cannot test validity of statements, most heresay. Stop. Hope you get these. Stop.

DOOMSPAN - one of Stephen's and his Class's most audacious escapades...convinced NASA scientists to encrypt barcode hex on laboratory monkeys sent into space to disrupt USSR satellites aiming to disable Regan's Star Wars programme. Hex - transmitted via microwave cells implanted in monkeys - would incite racial hatred along ancient bloodlines destabilising evol empire. Stop.

"Dance to the beat of the living dead"

Stephens was living a double-life then. Hasn't he always? East/West - didn't matter to him - con/Fusion was the ultimate goal. K-os. Which brings me to the computer operating system Digigenetech sold to British Civil Service - K OS modelled on vastly inferior D OS - said to be cause of the Scatter Virus in late 90s as the K OS spiralled time backwards. Digigenetech won the contract from Brite Consulting through a Sir Christopher Stephens - and why do you think he was knighted? - said to be worth in the region of billions. It wasn't the first time Stephens had abused his station. This cocksuckers got a history as long as your arm but can't be touched. He's a rum fellow alright. Spent much of his youth in India; father a Diplomat for British Embassy but left in very strange circumstances which were never revealed. Educated at Eton for three years then disappeared himself. Sightings as far off as Tibet, Malaysia, Krakow, Siberia, Munich. Next thing he turns up as British attache in Washington - that was the late 60s - student unrest; race riots; demos - Stephens played his part. In fact, he should them how to do it.

"Monkey men all, in business suits; teachers and critics all dance the fool"

DOOMSPAN was key moment, that we're certain. Stephens had been introduced to highest levels of US cyber intelligence via a member of British monarchy upset with growth of union power in own country; this member of the monarchy - we don't know the name of - was chairman of a covert industrial-occult company called N.E.S.T.E.N.E whose shares inexplicably crashed in 1974. These were major players in unheimlich capital. The board went underground calling in favours from other shit sucking scum - these guys were like Nazi criminals and couldn't be touched; most of them - Stephens included - scuttled under the Fuzz carpet: hence the Connection.

"If you don't want me to destroy you."

It makes sense. It makes no sense. Stop. Stephens' brother, Miles, had been a runner for the Fuzz in the early 70s. He'd left a real trail of misery culminating in the Bopal Twitching Nerve atrocity. Children born tentacled. Real ugly. When N.E.S.T.E.N.E went down, Miles pulled a few strings and, bingo, brother Christopher resurfaces. Just like the Id. Stop.

"Eat yerself fitter!"

The human form is being digitally tapered - models in high fashion spreads being literally airbrushed into shape; cheap mass produced photo-software psycho-actively depleting our shape and artificially steering procreative aesthetics; despite the fact that many people in the Western hemispheres are reaching new levels of obesity at an alarming rate. Why? I'll fuckin' tell you why - it's an unconscious evolutionary precaution for the second Ice Age. It's time to get messy, people. The 'older ones' may be losing control of human evolution despite kickstarting the whole damn thing. Stop.

"Sitting by a hillside, watching all the people die."

Back to Stephens, then. DOOMSPAN was a smoke screen. The trivial game of human politics played by East/West super-powers was the perfect foil for his DJYNXX cohorts, spreading Pknotic Manuscript fear. DOOMSPAN would reverse engineer human DNA structure causing internal particle reformation at sub-atomic level. The hex would be transmitted into every home and workstation via the USSR satellites the project was was meant to disrupt. The beauty was that DOOMSPAN could not affect already existing human species - only the unborn through human male spermatozoa and the recently conceived. DJYNXX knew the future was the children. But what sort of future? And what sort of...?

"All of my friends, baby, they're going insane."

Herald report landed on my desk today re American teenager - R Carter - found pulped in Ohio. Carter had dysfunctinal family life and was rumoured to be morbidly fond of loud, aggressive Popular music termed "doom rock" also linked to occult practice ring (named OBERON) in the Cleveland region said to be involved in the killing and torturing of animals. Stop. One of ring, upon hearing of Carter's fate, gassed himself in mother's automobile. Stop. We think the ring must've turned on him, moving into human sacrifice.

"Neptune, Titan, stars can frighten..."

Casebook of Peter Roedelius, Harley Street physician and founder of the dubious Pan Axial Therapy school reports that one Miles Stephens booked into the clinic last May (01) for treatment and that's the last that's been seen of him.