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The Zones



The Decimal Numerals

Ccru is committed to an ongoing research program into the numeracy of the 'lost lemurian polyculture' apparently terminated by the KT missile of BCE 65 000 000.

During the last century, various aspects of this primordially ancient 'digital hyperstition,' 'mechanomics,' 'schizonumerics,' or 'numbo-jumbo' have been painstakingly re-assembled through certain cryptic investigations, pre-eminently those associated with the names Echidna Stillwell, Chaim Horovitz, and Daniel Barker.

From the Mu-Archive in Tibet Horovitz unearths an 'ultimate decimal qabbala' oriented to the cultic exploration of the numerals zero-to-nine as cosmic zones. In contradistinction to the late-Babylonian (or Judeo-Christian) qabbala, the 'method of Mu' involves a rigorous collapse of transcendent symbolism into intrinsic or immanent features, excavating the latent consistency between the numerical figures, their arithmetic functions, and their cultural associations. Horovitz describes these procedures as a diagonal path between esoteric numerology and exoteric mathematics, and also defines them negatively as a 'non-numerology' or 'ulterior-arithmetic.'

Atlanto-Babyonian State-societies preserved some of the most fully degraded late-Muvian conclusions, but only by assimilating them to a 'Gnostic Arithmetic,' fossilizing the numbers into spiritual beings, ideal individuals, and general concepts. Within these familiar traditions the sense of the numbers as raw functions of cosmic distribution was systematically subordinated to magical and religious principles, whilst their intensive potentials as transmutational triggers was drained-off into geometrical structures and logical representations.

The productive synthesis of Stillwell's numogrammatic researches with Barker's 'tic-systemic' approach provides the requisite cutting-tools for re-opening the virtual-numeric labyrinth. This involves the re-activation of those 'lemurian' cultural practices which traffick with numbers as techno-sorcerous entities: the diagrammatic tokens, intensive thresholds, cosmic coincidences and hyperstitional influences that populate the plane of Unlife.


Lemurian Planetworks

Ccru has collated material from a series of occultural investigations that demonstrate the virtual existence of a lost lemurian art of interplanetary communication, or ‘planetwork.'

This system maps the major bodies of the Solar-system onto the ten digital labyrinth Zones (beginning from Sol = 0). The numerals one to nine function as astronomical ordinals, designating the terms of the planetary sequence in ascending order of orbital span (mean distance from the sun), orbital period (local year length), and gravitational attenuation (einsteinean spatial flatness). This heliocentrism (with its implicit repudiation of terrestrial phenomenology) does not contradict the broad counter-solar trend in lemurian culture, with its repulsion of centralization and gravitational capture. There has never been a lemurian solar cult.

Lemurian Planetwork communicates with the substellar bodies as distributed hyper-intelligences exerting singular influences (or ‘Barker-traces'). These planetary forces of suggestion are propagated through contemporary mythologies, systematic coincidences, and accidental scientific fictions (whether lunar seas, martian canals, jovian monoliths, or life on Europa).

Various cryptic records indicate the existence of considerable calendrical lore based upon the Planetwork system, yet little of this has been definitively reconstructed. What is certain is that it takes the mercurian year for its basic unit, and uses this regular beat in the calendrical interweaving of (nonmetric) speeds and slownesses.

The Zone-Sequence -by mercurian periods- with planetary attributions:

Zn-0 [0000.00] Sun
Zn-1 [0001.00] Mercury
Zn-2 [0002.55] Venus
Zn-3 [0004.15] Earth
Zn-4 [0007.95] Mars
Zn-5 [0049.24] Jupiter
Zn-6 [0122.32] Saturn
Zn-7 [0348.78] Uranus
Zn-8 [0684.27] Neptune
Zn-9 [1028.48] Pluto


Digital Hyper-System

Many tales tell of a lemurian hyperstition composed of numbers that function as interconnected zones, zone-fragments, and particles.

With Stillwell's epoch-switching discovery of the Numogram - and subsequent mapping of this 'digital labyrinth' - it became possible to compile cartographies of these zones, in which numbers distribute themselves throughout tropics, clusters, and regions. The zones thus function as diagrammatic components of flat cosmic maps (variously charting systems of coincidence, nebular circulations, spinal nestings, and the folds of inner/outer time).

Amongst numerous systematizations of occult cartography that of Chaim Horovitz (direct descendant of the infamous 'mad rabbi of Kiev') is especially remarkable. Based upon lemurian digital relics extracted from the Mu-Archive, it enables the conversion of numogram-zones (and sub-zones) into cascade-phases, accessed through numerical 'doors.' The Horovitzean phases constitute qabbalistic groupings or cross-sections of the pandemonium population (simultaneously numbering the impulse-entities and defining their collective 'tone'). Those critics who seek to reduce Horovitz's work to an 'immensely indirect rediscovery of Pascal's triangle' fail to appreciate either the true antiquity of 'Pascal's' system or the machinic novelty of it's Horovitzean reanimation.

Systematic issues concerning the Numogram Gates have been separated out from the other interconnective features of the zones. It has been known since the dawn of occult cartography that every Zone supports a Gate, and that their corresponding channels spin the web of esoteric fibres. All sorcerous cultures involve themselves in the exploration of these paths.

A Sarkonian mesh-tag is provided for each zone as a key to Axsys-format and Crypt-compatibility.