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Zone Zero



The Numeral 0

The modern figure zero (0) is a closed circle, oval, or ellipse (sometimes differentiated from the letter ‘O' by a diagonal slash). Its archaic Hindu form was the ‘bindu' (or dot, retained in the modern system as the ‘decimal point'). Both of these ciphers are of such abstraction that no rapid summary can be other than misleading.

The figure ‘0' designates the number zero, anterior to the distinction odd/even, and also to the determination of primes (zeroth prime = 1).

Zero is the only natural number that is indivisible by one. The division of any number by zero produces an infinity (multiplication of any number by zero = 0), in this respect zero treats itself as any other number.

Zero digitally cumulates to zero.

Numeric Keypad direction: anomalous.

As an arithmetical function zero is strongly affined to place value - or ‘positional' - systems in which it typically operates as the designator of empty magnitudes. The modern decimal and binary systems are the most familiar examples of such modular numeracies. (The widespread assumption that such a zero-function is indispensable to any possible place-value numeracy is, however, a fallacious one).

On the number line zero marks the transition from negative to positive numbers. In modern binary code zero is instantiated by electronic ‘off' (see One). In set theory zero corresponds to the null (or empty) set. In coordinate geometry zero marks the ‘origin' or intersection point of all dimensional axes, and is marked uniquely across all dimensions. In game theory a zero-sum game is one in which all gains and losses are mere redistributions (‘I win, you lose' or inversely). In Boolean algebra zero symbolizes logical negation. Absolute zero (or zero-degrees Kelvin) marks the cryonic limit of physically attainable temperature. In schizoanalysis ‘zero-intensity' designates the planomenon, plane of consistency, or body without organs (immanent to all intensities).

With no other number does arithmetical function cross so imperceptibly into religious and philosophical abstraction. There is a mathematico-cosmic continuum connecting the numeral zero to concepts of nullity, nihility, nothingness, absence, emptiness, void (Hindu ‘Sunya'), vacuum, and neutrality.

Zero also has an initiatory sense, as indicated by the ‘year zero' of new beginnings, or cycles (as in the case of the Y2K 00-date, and in that of the zero-strings marking accumulations in the Hindu ‘Yugas'). A similar function is that of ‘time-zero,' or ‘zero-hour' (synchronizing a distributed operation, particular one of a military nature).


The Zeroth Planet: Sol

The Sun (Sol-0) is by far the largest body in the Solar-system. It spins on its own axis at different speeds (with a period of rotation varying from about 36 Earth-days at the poles, to 25.4 at the equator). The sun-spot cycle - driven by periodic reversals in the solar magnetoprocess - lasts for approximately twenty-two years.

The Sun is approximately 4.5 billion years old, roughly half-way through it's normal existence (or main-sequence of hydrogen-to-helium nucleosynthesis). After the completion of this phase it is destined to expand into a Red Giant (consuming the inner Solar-system). Its current temperature varies enormously according to depth, between 5 800 k at the surface to 15 600 000 k at the core. The pressure at the Sun's core is equivalent to 250 billion (terrestrial) atmospheres.

The preponderance of the Sun's mass within the Solar-system is such that the orbits of the planets (notably Jupiter) only produce minor perturbations in its behavior. Solar radiation sustains all photosynthetic activity on Earth, and thus all plant-based terrestrial life. Its wide range of complex and ambivalent effects extend from regulating circadian biorhythms to triggering skin-cancers.

The Sun's magnetic field (the heliosphere) is immensely powerful by planetary standards, extending beyond the edge of the outer Solar-system (as defined by the orbit of Pluto). Other Solar-influences - in addition to gravitational and electomagnetic forces - include the solar-wind (which also extends, on a declining gradient, beyond the edge of the solar-system).

The two predominant aspects of the Earth's mechanical relation to the Sun - the day and the year - have been the basis of traditional human time-keeping. The earliest known clocks were sun-dials.

Sun-worship is extremely prevalent within human religious history. The apparent rotation of the Sun around the zodiac is the keystone of exoteric astrology (allocating Sun-signs). Oecumenic Sunday is dedicated to Sol.


System Notes

Zone-0 is the first of two zones mutually composing the Plex-region of the Numogram. Its Syzygetic-twin is Zone-9. This 9+0 Syzygy is carried by the demon Uttunul (see Zone-9). Zone-0 provides the terminus for a single Plex-channel (the 0th ).

Systematic consistency suggests that Zone-0 envelops the Zeroth-Phase of Pandemonium, but as this includes nothing beyond itself it constitutes a nominal or virtual multitude and an "absolute abstraction." Zone-0 has no separable power of initiation, and since it does not support imps (or impulse-entities) - even of the first degree - there is no zeroth door.

The Zeroth Gate (Gt-00) seems to connect Zone-0 to itself, but its nature is peculiarly problematical, and within the Mu-Archive texts its ultimate reality is fundamentally disputed. Many versions of the Numogram delete it entirely. Horovitz says of this Gate that "between its existence and nonexistence there is no difference."

Mu Tantrism plots Zone-0 intensities onto the Coccygeal level of the spine, the vestigial remnant of a lost tail (and biotectonic link to the ancient lemur-people).

Zone-0 is allotted the Sarkonian Mesh-Tag 0000.

Lemurian subcultures associate Zone-0 with the dense void of the cosmic hypermatrix, upon which absolute desolation crosses infinity as flatline and loss of signal. Blind Humpty Johnson’s Channel-Zero ‘black snow’ cult communicate the influence of this zone in their call for the return of true Tohu Bohu or the subprimordial Earth.

Centauri subdecadence maps Zone-0 onto the eclipsed side of the Fifth (or Root) Pylon on the Atlantean Cross. As the dark aspect of Foundation (‘deep past’) it corresponds to the protocosmic abyss anticipating primal reality, fusing indissociably into the ultimate gulfs of chaotic unbeing.

Stillwell links Zone-0 to the unvoiced Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘eiaoung,’ the ‘silent whisper of the ulterior depths.’


Phase-0 Lemurs

Phase-0 tolerates no populations of any kind.