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Afroatlantean themes have been reanimated in modern times by persistent suggestions that some of the human cargo lost on the middle-passage has transmuted into a neoaquatic species, rediscovering the sunken continent. In some versions of this mythos the mutant population ultimately launches an alien-invasion to reclaim the land. In others they never need to surface, since their surreptitious influence works from below (the Guinea of the voodoo-cults, from which the Loa swim-up). From subversion to submersion.

In a series of cryptic communications, the aquassassins of Hyper-C refer to an impending C-Change, combining afroatlantean mutation with time-dissidence. They associate the implicit century of 2-digit computer dates with the Poseidonic pack (= 100), envisaging Y2K - the Time-Bomb in Babylon - as the surface symptom of a submergent call to Centience. The Hyper-C Rite of Return counts down to 99 (Rewind the Century (no playback)). For this hypermodern cargo-cult there has only ever been the Century: life has evolved in cyberspace, and history is simulation (format: 19...). With the realization of Centience the Time-Chains are broken. Babylon (Capital of fake-time) is dragged down into the sea (Bubbamu sinks Babylon). The people of noiz-zion break the mirror and escape to the true century. Set your clocks to maritime.