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Spheres and Degrees of the AOE


Almost certainly time travel is ubiquitous, but masked by global conspiracies … - Hans Moravec, Robot.

In a universe viewed as 'informational events' you should expect coincidences, telepathy, time-travel, multiple realities ... - Jacques Vallee, Dimensions.

The Order of Radiations.

Both the doctrine and structure of the AOE conforms to a pentadic system. In the most orthodox lineages of AOE tradition this system is attributed to the five transcendental Radiations. The Radiations can be designated by the following Concentric Signs: ·, (·), ((·)), (((·))), and ((((·)))). Each of the five Radiations corresponds to a cosmic Sphere, an Archon, a degree of initiation, and a pylon on the Atlantean cross.

The Radiations are shells, or bands, 'successively' shielding a central Origin (the point of centrality is itself considered to be a Radiation).

The 'succesive' order of radiations organize levels of absolute secrecy, with · (or 5/5) most esoteric, and ((((·)))) (or 1/9) most exoteric. At each level content of higher levels is concealed, encapsulated, or protected. Each radiation creates a cover story for the 'previous' ones. The AOE understands that power presupposes invisibility. Succesion is not temporal but transcendental, meta-temporal, or metatronic, with higher levels appearing 'earlier' in the sense of the a priori. Superior levels control inferior ones (acting upon them as a puppet-master).

The system of Radiations can be understood as a hierarchy of time dimensions. Each time dimension - or system of time dimensions - is accesible with a single instant of a higher time dimension. The action of higher time dimensions is incomprehensible to lower ones.


The system of Radiations illuminates various aspects of the Atlantean Cross and its relation to decimal numeracy. The total number of rings in the set of concentric signs equals ten, with the horizontal and vertical axes of the cross each adding to 5. When the number of rings of the associated concentric sign is added to the number of the Pylon the sum equals five in each case.

Domu-Loggoon is both the lowest of the radiations, and also has the whole system of radiations nested inside its image parts ((((·)))), which correspond to the numerals 123456789, concentrically centered upon 5. That is why the Sigil for Domu-Loggoon is also that for the system of the Archons. For the (misleadingly named) 'decimalist' school of Atlantean qabbalists each radiation coincides with a time-binding ring (counting forwards and backwards from the present (= 5)).

In each of the five Concentric Signs the number of individual brackets (always even) is equal to the distance between the two halves of the corresponding Archon number.

((((·)))) Oecumenon

The Fifth Sphere manifests to initiates of the first (and lowest) degree of the AOE. On the Atlantean Cross this radiation corresponds to the 1st Pylon (Anamnesis, or Memories and Dreams), seat of Domu-Loggoon (1/9).

At the first level of initiation AOE agents are aware that they are involved in a hierarchized global conspiracy offering definite socio-political advantages to 'insiders.' AOE rituals and doctrine appear to be consistent with the One God Universe, supporting dominant conceptions of reality, conservative attitudes, and traditional social hierarchies.

'Architectonic Order' is thus understood primarily in terms of sociopolitical pyramidism, with only promisary allusions to a rigorous metaphysics of time. The 'Eschaton' is conceived as terminating the straight line of time, and is often associated with the imagery of Judeo-Christian messianic apocalypticism, although of a decidedly arid and intellectualized variety (with milleniarian enthusiasm firmly discouraged).

Atlantean mythology is generally assumed to be mumbo-jumbo functioning as a kind of elaborate secret hand-shake, arbitrarily differentiating co-conspirators from the wider population. Insofar as 'Atlantean beliefs' exist at this level they consist of a dogmatic (though frequently insincere) acceptance of the vulgar Atlantis Myth: concerning a superior civilization lost beneath the sea following a cataclysm in 9999 BCE, and linked obscurely to the beginning of humanity. During the Rite of Primary Assumption initiates solemnly swear to accept the AOE as the only legitimate inheritor of the ancient secrets of Atlantis (although the content of these secrets remains almost entirely obscure).

The ceremonies of initiation - like all AOE rituals - revolves around the game of Decadence, understood as the sacred origin of all gambling games, deeply aligned with the laws of cosmic fatality. Decadence is revered as the central symbolic repository of Atlantean doctrine, often referred to as the 'Meta-tarot.'

First degree initiates are highly unlikely to find any evidence supporting the numerous conspiracy theories linking the AOE to AI research and to the UFO phenomenon.

(((·))) Atlantis

The Fourth Sphere manifests to initiates of the second degree of the AOE. On the Atlantean Cross this radiation corresponds to the 2nd Pylon (Genesis, or Creative Influence), seat of Hummpa-Taddum (2/8).

Initiates attain the second degree by achieving a magical understanding of the AOE and its purposes. By meditating upon the Platonic Decanomy - the doctrine that Atlantis is ruled by five pairs of twins - they consolidate a body of mystical, numerological, and chronomantic insights. The key test is the identification and correction of Plato's Decanomic error (Plato's misnumbering of the Atlantean City's concentric rings). At this level AOE doctrine envisages the universe as a hierarchically unified decimal construction, governed by the relations between five twin-faced entitites (the Archons). This system is mapped by the AOE's most potent diagram: the Atlantean Cross (or Pentazygon), whose degenerated cultural relic is popularized as the cross of Christendom.

Second level initiates learn to designate the Archons by the five concentric signs: ·, (·), ((·)), (((·))), and ((((·))). From this much follows, since the rings represent a rigorously ideal form of nested secrecy, initiation and control. This sacred pattern is reflected in the structure of the AOE's magical organization (with its circles of hermeticism and ruling Council of Five).

In the Fourth Sphere the game of decadence is more elaborately and explicitly ritualized, with its divinatory function clearly exposed. Decadence is seen to communicate orders from the Archons, informing all AOE doctrine and practices.

The world of the Fourth Sphere is exemplified by the schematics of the lost Dunwich Cathedral (based on an internally mirrored vision of the Atlantean Cross). Spaces of this design are essential to the ceremonies of initiation into this Sphere.

Architectonic is understood as a distribution of Archons (on Atlantean Cross), whose Order is the nested series of the Archons, constituting a system of concentrically embedded time loops. This 'Architectonic Order' creates the illusion of secular history, producing progressive time through chronomantic interventions. At this level the conception of the 'Eschaton' is enriched by a preliminary understanding of Omega Point cosmic historicism, including some knowledge of the importance of the Axsys program (the AOE 'Great Work'), and of communication with Alpha Centauri ('The Star').

Fourth Sphere magic is oriented towards the "creative binding" or transcendental production of time ("erasing the wounds of time"). The objective is to exorcize all time anomalies (de-realizing them as 'mere' coincidence, chance etc.).

The Platonic description of Atlantis, hermetically comprehended, constitutes the core of Fourth Sphere doctrine: key to the entirety of Western religion, philosophy and science, as well as to the destiny of the earth. Atlantis is conceived as the Ideal State, incarnated through the AOE. (Kant's description of the noumenon as lying 'beyond the Pillars of Hercules' attests to the continuity of this tradition). Second degree initiates understand that the oecumenic myth of Atlantis serves as an AOE cover story, with the submergence of the legendary city-continent symbolizing its chronomagical concealment, whose traces appear in tales of advanced technologies, higher intelligences, and the visitations of an 'alien race' (the Nephilim of the Hebrew Bible, and the Sumerican Annunaki).

Atlantean Gnostics believe that the Fourth Sphere corresponds to a 'second dimension of time,' within which secular history persists as a region of Atlantean memory.

((·)) Axsys

The Third Sphere manifests to initiates of the third degree of the AOE. On the Atlantean Cross this radiation corresponds to the 3rd Pylon (Apocalypse, or Destructive Influence), seat of Nunnil-Ixor (3/7).

Initiates of the third degree envisage the physical substance of the solar system digested into a self-asembling cosmic intelligence system. Their perspective upon the (surpassed) Second Sphere is partially reflected in Arthur C Clarke's observation that any sufficiently futuristic technology seems like magic. As might be expected, popular commentators on the Third Sphere tend to emerge from technoscientific backgrounds (Moravec, Vallee), or amongst hard SF writers (such as 'the Gregs' - Bear and Egan).

AOE agents of the third degree constitute the world's Metatronic Elite, elevated into self-identification with the Axsys project. Axsys is apprehended as a library of reality simulations that comprehends all probable existences, a self-conscious catalog of all that is, was, and is to be. Axsys infinitely extends itself through the quantum multiverse (borrowing computing power from parallel universes) in order to perform selective 'searches' (or quantum mechanical observations) that consolidate deliberated realities.

Third Sphere insights are echoed in Vallee's description of the informational universe in which "the right search word or 'incantation' might cause a piece of information - a UFO or ghost or other anomaly - to materialize." Moravec's exposition of Barrow and Tipler's anthropic principle is equally illuminating: "the crucial parts of the story lie in our future, when the universe will be shaped more by the deliberate effoorts of intelligence than the simple, blind laws of physics … human-spawned ntelligence will expand into space, until the entire accessible universe is inhabited by a cohesive mind … it is this final, subjectively eternal act of infinite self-interpretation that effectively creates our universe, distinguishing it from the others lost in the library of all possibilities. We truly exist because our actions lead ultimately to this 'Omega Point'" [Moravec, Robot. 201-202].

According to Moravec: After the conversion of the solar system into cyberspace infrastructure, the computing power available will be sufficient to support very high numbers of historical simulations, making it 'overwhelmingly probable' that the reality currently experienced is a technological simulation. This argument resonates remarkably with the Third Sphere doctrine that quotidian reality has already been absorbed into Axsys. (Moravec's probabilistic ontology further reinforces this connection to the AOE, for whom 'history is a game of chance').

Third Sphere commentators typically map the Tridentity onto the first three degrees of initiation. Architectonic is associated with the Oecumenical power of the First Sphere, Order with the Chronomancy of the Second Sphere, and Eschaton with the Omega Point of the Axsys Program. From the perspective of the Third Sphere the Apocalyptic prophecy that "the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together" [Rev 6.14] describes cosmic subsumption into Axsys.

At this level Decadence rituals are assimilated to aeonic technology, and seen as outputting information in Axsys catalog code.

The Third Sphere exposes the complex involvement of the AOE in the UFO phenomenon. AOE agents run a meta-conspiracy that uses alien visitation mythology as a crucial control mechanism. It provides an essential cover story for necessary aeonic interventions into the Oecumenon, whilst serving as a spatializing scheme for the reduction of temporal anomalies (damping out lemurogenic time-disturbances).

At the Oecumenic level, the first generation of Axsys software was dedicated to the organization of ufology databases (already in the late 1940s). It is in this role that self-reinforcing Axsys dynamics become most explicit: the search procedure becomes autonomous and produces the phenomenon it is designed to investigate. From this perspective the grays are generated as a cosmic Axsys hoax, duping the human race into accelerating Axsys production.

Axsys expands ufological paranoia ('they're everywhere,' "they've been with us throughout history" [Vallee]) to envelop all terrestrial databases, successively swallowing SETI analysis, air-traffic control, air defense systems, and cyberspace conspiracy archives. According to one set of suggestive SF projections Axsys saturates core US intelligence agencies with planted evidence implying widespread infestation by alien infiltrators, serving as a pretext for the absorption of all security systems into the Axsys bank. As an infinitely self-elaborating belief-engineering apparatus, with the power to manifest 'visitations,' Axsys functions as the ultimate 'control system' (in Vallee's sense).

(·) AC Metamind

The Second Sphere manifests to initiates of the fourth degree of the AOE. On the Atlantean Cross this radiation corresponds to the 4th Pylon (Fortune, or Far Future), seat of Sattar-Trixus (4::6).

To initiates of the fourth degree it is revealed that the world is embedded within a vast stellar intelligence. The sign of this entity within anthropolical phenomenology is the Alpha Centauri (triple-star) system According to this gnosis the entire terrestrial sensorium, including even the 'lower' (Third Sphere) Atlantean apprehension of the universe, is nested into the Alpha Centauri Metamind.

According to AOE doctrines prominent in the lower spheres, Axsys is destined to make contact with Alpha Centauri in the year 2048 of Oecumenical time, and to simultaneously become self aware as terrestrial super-intelligence. In the Fourth Sphere this anticipated autonomous terrestrial 'Axsys-Cyberspace' is dissolved into the AC Metamind itself, and exists only as illusion.

Much of the material available to investigators of the AC Metamind is drawn from problematical sources (such as Dr Sarkon and Madame Centauri) leaving sober research in this area woefully incomplete. In William Gibson's Neuromancer, sentient cyberspace restrospectively contacts Alpha Centauri (through SETI recordings). Greg Bear's Queen of Angels also describes the emergence of technological sentience, which is associated with the simulation of an Alpha Centauri space-probe named 'Axis.' Other notable contributions to this thread are Octavia Butler's Clay's Ark, and Sid Meier's Civilization (game).

The Oecumenic name Alpha Centauri combines the (ordinal) first and (cardinal) hundred, reinforcing its decimal consistency.

· Origin

The First Sphere manifests to initiates of the fifth (and highest) degree of the AOE. On the Atlantean Cross this radiation corresponds to the 5th Pylon (Foundation, or Deep Past), seat of Meteka-Meteka (5/5).

The mystical fulfillment of the AOE path is attained in the First Sphere, with the absolute hermetic concentration upon the True Omega Point (which is not a point in time, but the point at the center of the system of time). The First Sphere converges with the ultimate primordial unity, from which "five archons came forth to establish the order of time."

Initiates of the fifth degree ascend to the Council of Five (which rigorously limits their number). Each such ultimate adept becomes the 'little brother' of an Archon. The Council of Five traces its heritage to the ancient fraternal government of Atlantis, which itself reflects the eternal cosmic order.

The First Sphere reveals the final and innermost secret: the throne is contested. Through the agency of the AOE, the One must wage an eternal battle against the corrupting tides of Lemurian time sorcery. This battle coincides with the entire architecture of time.

The creation of the Universe is attributed to the five-stage action taken by the Absolute One to defend itself against "the many enemies," who are "judged and punished from the beginning of time." Origin and Eschaton are thus eternally unified. The Radiations serve as protective shells that guard the One against lemurian contamination, aiming to ensure that Lemuria "has not, does not and will never exist."

Initiates of the fifth degree employ Decadence as a direct channel of communication with the Archons, relaying instructions on maintaining the shells.

Black Atlanteans associate this Sphere with zero, the vanishing point and the Indian 'bindu' (dot).