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Zone Nine



The Numeral 9

The figure nine (9) is zygospirally related to the figure six (6, see six), and quasisymmetric with the sign for Pluto.

The figure ‘9' designates the number nine, the fifth odd number (with odditude of three), and the fourth non-prime (with prime factors 3 x 3).

Nines are produced by unit subtractions (n -1) from pure decimal magnitudes (a numerical practice most frequently encountered in a retail context, e.g. $9.99). In order to produce arithmetical consistency in respect to 1/3 x 3, one is mathematically equated with point nine recurring (0.999...). This equation - which provides a virtual infinite decimal-expansion for every number - is indispensable for Cantorean diagonalization.

Nine digitally cumulates to forty-five.

Numeric Keypad direction: North-East.

The number nine has a null value in digital reduction, practically enabling all nines to be eliminated from any complex reduction (involving at least one digit other than nine or zero). The same formula (9 = 0) is also derivable from Barker twinning (or Zygonovism) - long familiar to Dogon sorcery - for which nine functions as the summative key. Such zygonovism (or nine-sum coupling) divides the decimal numerals into five twins, and underlies both Numogram syzygetics and the game of Subdecadence.

The number nine is the last numeral of the decimal system, and its associations with death and fatality are primarily based on this purely numerical (modular) function of termination. There are nine rivers of the underworld, and the mortuary aspect of the cat is indicated by her nine lives. Charles Manson's adoption of the Beatle's Revolution-9 (or Revelation IX) as an apocalyptic ‘family anthem' was fully in keeping with this aspect of the number.

Alternatively, nine is acknowledged as the highest numeral, and associated with celestial inspiration (the nine muses) and bliss (Cloud-9). Nine solar planets are recognized by modern astronomy (as also by the ancient Lemurian Planetwork).

The duplicate reiteration of nine is remarkable for it's theomystical resonances. Islam (= 99) lists ninety nine ‘incomparable attributes' of Allah. The Anglossic value of YHVH = 99. According to the cryptic Black Atlantean cargo-cult Hyper-C the number ninety-nine - as dramatized by the Y2K panic - designates the cyclic completion of time.



The Ninth Planet: Pluto

Pluto (or Sol-9) has the most highly elliptical orbital trajectory of any planet in the Solar-system, with a (highly variable) mean orbital distance from the sun of approx. 5 913 520 000 km. Due to the extreme eccentrity of its orbit, Pluto periodically switches places with Neptune as eighth planet from the Sun. The Plutonian year is approximately under 247.7 Earth-years in length.

Pluto was not discovered until 1930. It's anomalous orbit, which is both abnormally elliptical and also angled off the ecliptic, has led many to the conclusion that it is not a normal planet at all. Suggestions as to its nature include the hypothesis that it is a captured or adopted body (perhaps from the Kuiper Belt of Trans-Neptunian objects), or alternatively an escaped Neptunian moon.

Pluto has one known moon, Charon (discovered in 1978, and named after the ferryman who guides the dead across the river Styx). Charon is the largest satellite relative to its ‘parent' planet in the Solar-system.

In Roman mythology Pluto is the god of the underworld (identified with the Greek Hades). The topographically twisted association of the innermost with the outermost - technically described as ‘Plutonic-looping' - is exemplified by the identification of the most distant planet with the inner core of the Earth.

The existence of Pluto was anticipated by H.P.Lovecraft, who named the as-yet-unknown planet Yuggoth.

In Lemurian Planetwork Pluto is astrozygonomously paired with the Sun.


System Notes

Zone-9 is the second of the two zones mutually composing the Plex-region of the Numogram, and Tractor-Zone for the 9-0 (or 'Plex') current. Its Plex-complement and Syzygetic-twin is Zone-0. This 9+0 Syzygy (carried by the demon Uttunul) draws the outermost curve of the Barker-spiral, which coincides with the limit ordinal-span in Barkerian arithmetic. Zone-9 provides the terminus for two channels, one each from the Torque (the 8th), and the Plex (the 9th).

Zone-9 both initiates and envelops the Ninth-Phase of Pandemonium (including 512 impulse-entities, one half of the fully disorganized population). In the first of these aspects it functions as the Ninth (or Ultimate) Door, which degenerated Muvian sorceries identify with the syzygetic xenodemon (and imp of the first degree) Uttunul (9::0, see above).

The Ninth Gate (Gt-45) connects Zone-9 to itself, transducing the third involutionary channel (see Zone-0, Zone-1). Nma sorcery refers to it as the Gate of Pandemonium (a fact Stillwell attributes to the coincidence of its number (45) with that of the Nma demonomy). The Tzikvik associate it with Tchukululok (fabled City of the Worms), and emphasize its numerical cross-match with the 5+4 Syzygy, whose demonic carrier they call Kattku (the Nma ‘Katak'). The Xxignal track Utterminus is dedicated to the Ninth Gate, linking it to K-goth synthanatonic fugues. In contrast, Polanski's film ‘The Ninth Gate' - despite its title - has only the most tenuous and allusive relation to the Numogram path of this name.

Mu Tantrism plots Zone-9 intensities onto the Sacral level of the spine. The Sacrum (or ‘sacred bone') has been identified (by Goethe amongst others) as a degenerated second skull.

Zone-9 is allotted the Sarkonian Mesh-Tag 0511.

Lemurian subcultures associate Zone-9 with the Cthellloid metallic ocean of the earth’s iron core.

Centauri subdecadence maps Zone-9 onto the active side of the Fifth (or Root) Pylon on the Atlantean Cross. As the light aspect of Foundation (‘deep past’) it corresponds to the prehuman cultures of the Old Ones.

Stillwell links Zone-9 to the Munumese quasiphonic particle ‘tn,’ which Horowitz describes as ‘the ultimate unutterable mystery of vocal nullity.’


Phase-9 Lemurs

[M#36] 9::0 Uttunul
[M#37] 9::1 Tuttagool
[M#38] 9::2 Unnunddo
[M#39] 9::3 Ununuttix
[M#40] 9::4 Unnunaka
[M#41] 9::5 Tukutu
[M#42] 9::6 Unnutchi
[M#43] 9::7 Nuttubab
[M#44] 9::8 Ummnu