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... every secret society has a still more secret hindsociety ... a society is secret when it exhibits this doubling, has this special section. - Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus, pp. 287-8.

The AOE (or Architectonic Order of the Eschaton) is an extremely hermetic magical society, whose secrets are regularly concealed even from its own initiates. All reported facts regarding its history, organization, doctrine, and practices must be treated with extraordinary scepticism.

It is reputedly a white-brotherhood established - over a game of cards - in the sublime abysms of antiquity. It claims both to antedate every extant tradition of human wisdom, and to nurture within itself the seed of ultimate terrestrial Gnosis (identified with techno-chardinite Noosphere).

It considers itself bound by divine covenant to martial the forces of light against lemurian polyculture, and all its varieties of time-sorcery, demon-traffic, and swirling confusions of endless untime. Waging a war across aeons, the AOE struggles to ensure that lemurian influences do not, have not, and will never exist.

AOE takes as its mission the establishment and fortification of the institutions of time, and considers the Oecumenic Calendar to be the sign and register of its own Great Work. It is said by some to have long anticipated - and perhaps even programmed - a climactic confrontation with its enemies at the end of the second Christian millennium.

As AD 2000 approached, phenomena such as the ascent of theoconservatism, hardening MS-monopolism (and mouse-plague), orchestrated financial sabotage of the pacific economies, consolidation of the EU-Metastate, and the unleashing of Gregorian Restoration (to counter Y2K) all attested to a marked increase in AOE-directed activity.

It is noteworthy in this respect that amongst at least one influential faction of the AOE the Neo-Roman date MM is embraced as the signal for apocalyptic time-war, sacrifical excruciation of Humpa-Taddum, noospheric planetary transcendence (Omega-switch), and even eschatological transubtantiation of universal reality.