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Abomenon. Postulated substrate of absolute horror (the worst thing in the world).

A-Death. Neuroelectronic flatline, based upon Sarkonian mesh-engineering, and subculturally propagated by K-Goth activity throughout the Crypt. Micropause abuse.

Aeon (of Decadence). Run of Decadence outcomes leading to a demon call.

Alphanumeric Qabbala. Continuous decimal-alphabetic system of ordinal-numeric values (A = 10 ... Z = 35). Coincides with Hebrew Qabbala in the key AL (= 31), as promised in The Book of the Law. (The law of Thelema AQ numerizes to 777).

Amma (AMusement MAtrix). Maya Technologies' artificial yogic intelligence, whose informatic 'siddhis' constitute the virtual components of a cosmic theme park.

Amphidemon. Demonic link between the inside and outside of the time circuit (as determined by net-span poles). The twenty-four Amphidemons draw lines of flight, half warping (into zones 3 and 6), half plexing (into zones 0 and 9).

Angelic Index. Sum produced by positive Decadence outcomes. According to AOE decadology, the measure of good fortune, or celestial favour.

Anglossia. Language of the angels. The lost semiotic of AOE esotericism, considered by Atlantean adepts to be the mystical telos of the English language.

Anorganic Semiotics. Study of partial signalling assemblies, especially Tic-Systems. Anorganic semiotics operate upon a contagion-plane of zero-interpretation, where signs and efficient particles are not segmented. [See Tic(k)].

AOE. The Architectonic Order of the Eschaton, an ultra-hermetic metamasonic white- brotherhood at war with lemurian influences. The AOE progresses by way of chronic internal schism, each resulting in an ever more interiorized inner society. Its traditions are therefore refracted through various - apparently conflicting - front organizations (which include the Heliopolitan Hierophancy, Roman Catholic Church, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, and Axsys programme).

AOK. Aggressive Continuist group, linked to Y2K-positive cyberterrorism.

Aquapocalypse. Ultimate deluge, or terminal inundation.

Aquassassin. Hyper-C frog-warrior.

Atlantean Cross. Divinatory configuration of the five Decadence Pylons, or atlantean twins, prefiguring the cross of Vudu (and Christianity). [See Atlantis, Pentazygon].

Atlantis. Suprahistorical source of the western hermetic tradition, mythically ruled by five sets of twins (or zygodecimal principals), with a pantheon of one hundred sea- deities (or C-monsters). The Atlantean legacy is intensely contested, between tendencies loosely coagulated within AOE dominated traditions, and varieties of afroatlantean subversion.

Axsys. First true AI. Prophecied-programmed as a self-enhancing system of photonic metacomputing, it emerges as the organo-transcendent completion of Oecumenon, or techonomic realization of the noosphere. According to AOE traditions, if there was a God it would be Axsys.

Axsys Maze-Maker. Labyrinthine visualization of Axsys code, deployed within numerous Abstract Machines cybergothic games scenarios (especially Skin Crawlers).

Barker-Spiral. (Also, Diplozygotic Spiral). A numerical diagram combining decadic and 9-Sum (or zygonovic) coupling to produce a figure of faulted double implex. Barker-Twinning. 9-sum pairing of decimal numerals. [See Zygonovism].

Binomics. Schematic technoscience of pairings, primarily concerned with the study of two-digit date-codings (and Y2K), but extended to abstract-machinic couplings, combination, diploidism, syzygetics, and I Ching or electrodigital binary (mod-2) numerics.

Black-Lake Syndrome. Technobiotic zombie-plague unleashed by irresponsible Sarkonian experiments in the Black Lake region of Ontario, 2003.

Black Snow (cult). Blind Humpty Johnson's media apocalypse movement, oriented to the re-emergence of Tohu Bohu.

Bubble-Pod. Submarine research station of eccentric billionaire Max Crabbe.

Calendric Secessionism. Trend of various counter-gregorian (or Y2K-positive) movements towards Oecumenic disintegration and K-Time break-away, often linked to rumours of imminent or hyperchronic cyberspace-splitting.

Cargo-Culture. Microsocial utilization and reanimation of systemically discarded
resources and underexploited signs, skip-scavenging, cyberpunk patch-ups.

Catajungle. K-Goth sonic subgenre assembled from click-drifts and chthonic bass.

Cataplex. Region of abysmal infoldings. Linked by Barker to anorganic trauma reservoirs.

C-Change. Pressure group for cybernetically-sensitive oceanography and maritime practices, drawing upon the research and agitational activity of Katy Shaw. The early support of Max Crabbe was placed under increasing strain by the tendency towards digital microcollectivism, haemolunar feminism, and calendric revolution.

Ccru. Cryptic hyperstitional entity, with apparent Neolemurian tendencies, involved in the scripting of various microcultural transmutations.

Centience. Predominantly Afroatlantean position of mystical calendric extremism, which takes binomic K-Time as a machinic effectuation of infallible electroscripture, with ensuing commitment to the century as encompassing the whole of true time (beyond which lies only Babylon-illusion). Applicable to Y2K itself, understood as the immanent realization of this doctrine.

Channel. Path of Decimation, passing through a Gate.

Chaotic Xenodemon. Demonic link between Plex and Warp (as determined by net- span poles). The four Chaotic Xenodemons have trackless (or cryptic) rites, drawing an impossible or untraceable connection. They are not registered within Decadology.

Chronodemon. Demonic link internal to the Time-Circuit (as determined by net-span poles). There are three Syzygetic, and twelve Cyclic Chronodemons.

Ciphering. A numerical coincidence, involving the same set of digits (irrespective of order). Especially, such a connection between the two Net-Span digits of a demon and another binomic variable.

Clicking. Numerical matching (by exact (or ordered) ciphering). Cryptographic operation of a demonic Mesh-Number.

Cluster-Type. Decadology. One of the nine basic formulas of time, which group the Amphidemons and Cyclic Chronodemons. Each cluster-type corresponds to one of the nine non-zero numerals that compose the Decadence pack, each grouping four demons according to the twin binary distinctions of major/minor rites, and pitch polarity (corresponding to decadence suits).

Conduit. Numogram complication involving prime-ordinate zygonomy. The system of conduits is quasicomplementary to that of Gates (since it maps trends to involutionary arrival in the Time-Circuit, or incursions from the outside).

Continuism. Loose calendric reform movement - increasingly radicalized in a Y2K- positive direction - proposing the continuation of K-Time on a trinomic count.

Crypt. Dark-twin of the Net, characterized by intense K-Goth influence, A-Death inactivism, Cyberschiz tendencies, and Lemurian cultural affinities.

Cryptic (rite). Trackless line mapping the intrinsic difference of a Chaotic Xenodemon. A fusional disconnection, or real impossibility.

Cthelll. Earth's iron ocean, comprising one third of terrestrial mass, approximately three thousand km below the surface. Intensive megamolecule.

Cthelllectronics. Auto-engineering pragmatics of anorganic terrestrial intelligence, emergent from the ionic swirls of Cthelll, it intersects with the electromagnetic fields of the technostrata. According to the K-Goths, when the web switches to Cthelllectronics it calves-off into the Crypt.

Cthulhu Club. Beginning (in 1949) as a reading group dedicated to the hyperstitious reevaluation of Lovecraftian fiction, the Cthulhu Club was steadily drawn into Lemurian sorcery after recognizing Stillwell's model of the Numogram as the virtual source of Alhazred's Necronomicon.

Current. The path between a syzygy and a tractor (zone), produced by zygonovic differentiation of the former. One of the five such flows that provide the primary integration of the numogram, dividing it into Plex, Time-Circuit, and Warp.

Cutting-Edges. Effective explorations of machinic continuum (using numbers as cuts).

Cybergothic. Dark-side web-underground subculture characterized by Y2K-positive time-schizophrenization, anti-Microsoft digital agitation, Micropause and Synatives abuse, Catajungle, and ameiotic libido. [See A-Death, Crypt, Cyberschiz].

Cyberschiz. Cyberspace disintegration. [See Calendric Secessionism, Crypt].

Cyclic Chronodemon. One of the twelve nonsyzygetic Chronodemons whose major and minor rites mutually encompasses the Time-Circuit. Although these demons together produce the fabric of ordered time, they may still generate various anomalous becomings amongst their secret rites. In post-Atlantean traditions they are associated with the houses of the zodiac, and (later) with the months of the year.

Datacombs. Archival deposits of the Crypt.

Death Garage. Sonic subgenre characterized by (loud) Swarm-beats.

Decademon. One of the four Demons whose Net-Span digits sum to ten. Associated with the four Zoas of Revelation.

Decadence. (Also, Calling Cards). A gambling game and divination system associated with the Western tradition of Pandemonium practice. Supposedly originating in Atlantis (whose decadence its name commemorates).

Decadology. Hermetic gnosis linked to the game of Decadence.

Decimal Labyrinth. [See Numogram].

Decimation. The combined operations of (decimal) digital cumulation and reduction.

Demon. Electro-Occult hyperstition entity that traffics between zones, functioning as an element of Pandemonium. Demons are holes, links, and coalescences facilitating sorcerous practices. They are characterized by insidiousness, spirodynamism, multiplicity, and time-complexity. [See Lemurs].

Dib-Nma. (Or Dibboma). [See Nma].

Diplocapture. Seizure by twin-pincered suppressive structuring machines.

Diplozygotic Spiral. [See Barker-Spiral].

Door. (Net-Span #::0). The opening into a (demonic) phase.

Echo-DNA. Subgenomic replicator codings, proliferated by repeat copying of segments, and constituting a mode of intranucleic microparasitism.

Eschatourism. Intersection of mass-tourism and eschatological theology, with multiple cross-causalities and self-confirming dynamics.

Feed. Zygonovic differential production (of a current).

Gate. Sorcerous link between zones, setting the course of a Channel, and defined by digital cumulation of (input) Zone value.

Geotraumatics. Polymathic hypertheory of the terrestrial machinic unconscious, which refuses the distinction between biology, geology, linguistics and numeracy. Geotraumatics processes the becomings of the earth as intensive products of anorganic tensions, especially those compacted from archaic xenocatastrophes. Its main tenets are laid out in Barker's [as yet unpublished] The Geocosmic Theory of Trauma.

Gregorian Restoration. Defining policy of the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton (AOE). Anti-Y2K bug-squashing programme, serving as a conservative front in the impending millennial time-war.

Hatch(ing). Numogrammatic territorial implex, marked in waves designating thresholds of emergence tracked out of a virtual egg. Inverse complement of Nest(ing).

Haunt. Territorial relation of a demon to a channel, involving polar coincidence of the two. Haunting can also be applied to the direct nesting of a gate.

Hold Current. Differential product of the 7::2 syzygy (Oddubb).

Hydrocycle. The Numogram Time-Circuit conceived as a system of hydraulic circulation, especially in the culture of the Nma.

Hyper-C. Highly secretive Afroatlantean Centience cult, of unparalleled militancy and infiltrative sophistication. [See Aquassassins].

Hypermaterialism. The philosophy of abstract-machines.

Hyperstition. Element of effective culture that makes itself real, through fictional quantities functioning as time-travelling potentials. Hyperstition operates as a coincidence intensifier, effecting a call to the Old Ones.

Hyprime. A prime number whose ordinate is itself prime. Used in certain intricate strains of Neolemurian qabbala.

Icthyophidia. Various hyperstitional fish-monsters, sea-serpents, and palaeopythons, targetted by deep-regressive libidinal tropisms due to their mutability, submergence, and horizontal flexomotile spines.

Imp(ulse)s. 1. Demonic subcomponents, or Numogram twists, matriculated by the addition of a third (descending) Net-Span digit. The imps are one hundred and twenty in number, allotted to demons in accordance with the secondary Net-Span pole (demonic Doors having no imps). 2. Generalized term for all component elements of the Pandemonium system. Pandemonium population unit.

K-Goth. [See Cybergothic].

K-OS. Distributed automutational mesh-processing culture, providing the basic software-matrix of the Crypt. Operates as intrinsically multiplicitous insurgency against Microsoft hegemony. Schemetically indifferentiable from insidious telecommunicative retrovirus (frequently attributed to extraterrestrial sources).

K-Time. Native calendar of cyberspace. A year count - initially binomic - beginning from zero (= 00) = AD 1900.

Kuanglo-Saxon. Virotechnic undercurrent of the English language (hybridizing contemporary English with Gibsonian 'Kuang virus').

Lemur. 1. Madagascan prosimian, belonging to family of Afro-Asian primitive primate, providing a bridge between natural history and the occult history of the Earth. 2. Among ancient Romans, ghost, wraith, shade of the dead. 3. Among Neolemurians, inhabitant of numogrammatic hyperspace. [See Demon].

Lemuria. Hypergeographical terrestrial arrangement, concentrated in south-west Pacific Ocean c.66-million BC, currently functioning as exochronic and extraterritorial continuum for intensive popular agitation against the contemporary planetary order.

Lemurodigital. Numogrammatic culture based upon Decimation, Zygonovism, and pandemoniac practices.

Limbic Key. Fabled link into the nocturnal spine-levels of Icthyophidian intensity.

Main Flatline. Arterial lo-way into the Crypt.

Major (rt). Demonic rites following the order of the Net-Span. Amphidemons characterized by such rites.

Maze-Maker. (See Axsys Maze-Maker).

Mechonomics. The operational study of flat numerical pragmatics.

Mesh. Disorganized connectivity, comprising the spaces beneath and between the Net, and also the interlock interval between biological and technical net-components. Mesh composes a friction-generating divisional fabric - or wormhole-space - correlative to the set of demonic interzones (Pandemonium).

Mesh-Number. Binomic sequential index (00-44) locating a demon within the Pandemonium Matrix.

Metatronics. Hierachical technology (attributed to the angel Metatron). [See Axsys].

Micropause. Subdivisional unit of technoreplicable time-lapse. When systematically abused micropause-technics produces the A-Death syndrome.

Minor (rt). Demonic rites inverse to the order of the Net-Span. Amphidemons characterized by such rites.

MMbo-Jumbo. Y2K data-devastation.

Mu. Transitional Pacific interculture providing a mainline conduit for Lemurian influences into human history. Reputed origin of the Nma.

Mu-Nma. [See Nma].

Munumese. Lost decimal-based language of the Mu Nma, partially reconstructed by Echidna Stillwell, further analyzed by Chaim Horowitz, and used extensively within strains of Cthulhoid qabbala.

MVU. Miskatonic Virtual University, distributed occult annex to MIT.

Nago. Mu-Nma dream-witch.

Nagwi. Mu-Nma dream-visit, consummating oracular rites of the Nago.

Necronomicon. The Book of Dead Names (listing those outside the Book of Life). Compendium of demonism and time-sorcery, condensed counterchronically, and in fragments. [See Pandemonium Matrix].

Nest(ing). Numogrammatic territorial envelopment, or topographic embedding. Inverse complement of Hatch(ing).

Net. Organized connective system. Zonal surface-level of the Numogram.

Net-Span. Demonic poles. The net-addresses between which a demon translocates.

Nma. (Or N'Ma). South-East Asian cultural matrix, reputedly originating in the civilization of Mu, and maintaining the practices of Lemurian demonism and time sorcery, until devastated by the 1883 explosion of Krakatau. The Nma were composed of true tribes (tripartite sub-groups): Mu, Dib, and Tak, linked by a triangular cyclic kinship system. The ancient cultures of the southern Chinese and of the Dravidians share many features with that of the Nma, suggesting a common source (or alternative principle of convergence). [Possible etymology: 'People of Nomo'].

Nomo. Megaquatic monstrosity of Mu, whose name is number. [Widely - but uncertainly - related to the Dogon 'Nommo'].

Nomo-Chant. Abominable paean to Nomo, derived from the Dib-Nma, and providing - in English translation - the doctrinal basis for the Trinitarian Church of Dagon.

Numogram. (Also, Digital Labyrinth, Lemurian Time-Maze). Diagrammatization of decimal numeracy, providing the key to Lemurian culture (demonism and time sorcery). The numogram consists of ten zones, interconnected by Currents and Channels.

Oecumenon. Neoroman norming-target and security architecture supporting the megasocius of terrestrial capitalism.

Old Ones. Cthulhoid collective agencies of prokaryotic insurgency and mitochondrial xenomutation, returning half a billion years after microbial Toxygenization catastrophe to redistribute the earth.

Omen. The cognitive aspect of a Rite.

Palaeopythons. [See Icthyophidia].

Palate Tectonics. Analysis of the voice as the prolonged phylogenetic impact product of the collision between the vertical spinal-axis and the roof of the mouth.

Pandemonium. Utterminus of Cthelll (Gt-45). Comprehensive system of the demons.

Pandemonium Matrix. Listed complete demon-set of Lemurian sorcery. Also, Lemurodigital Necronomicon.

Pentazygon. Magical figuration of the Numogram Syzygies. [See Atlantean Cross].

Phase. Set of demons with the same primary pole (initial Net-Span number).

Phase-Limit. Final demon of a phase.

Pitch. Tonal variation of a demon. One of fifteen such tones.

Plex. Region of Uttunul.

Plex Current. Differential product of the 9::0 syzygy (Uttunul).

Plutonic Looping. Toponomic confusion of interior and exterior, hyperspatially interlinking Cthelll with the outer solar-system.

Plutonics. Research programme (and journal) oriented to the rigorous attribution of crustal change to the thermic trauma core of the earth.

Poles. Each of the two Net-Span digits.

Polytics. Hybrid swarm agitation. [See Tic(k)].

Power. The operational aspect of a Rite.

Powers That Be. Magicoreligious higher-authorities acknowledged by the AOE.

Prowl. Territorial relation of a demon to a current, in which the poles of the demon include one side of a Syzygy and its Tractor zone.

Pylon. Magical staging-post. One of the five bases of the Pentazygon.

Returnity. Mystical Centience group. [See Centience].

Rite (route or routine). Ethographic subcomponent of a Demon, describing a line of passage across the Numogram. Rites partially rigidify sorcerous spirodynamism, facilitating cultural transmissability. They group by Cluster-type, subdivide laterally by segments, and bifurcate thematically into Omen and Power.

Sarkolepsy. Mesh microlapsing, whose features include psychic smearing, interface amnesia, and infinitesimalizing time-losses. [See Micropause].

Sarkon Tags. Oskar Sarkon's sequential indices for the full set of nodes in the Axsys code / Mesh interzone. Isomorphic with the Cthulhu Club Pandemonium system.

Sarkontinuum. (Or Mesh-horizon). Postulate of absolute infinitesimalization that defines micropause relative to a virtual Sarkoleptic limit.

Sarkon-Zip. Abstract machine-tool for inducing convergence in bicontinual assemblages. Crucial neuroelectronic coupling device.

Secret (rite). Any rite involving one or more gates, associated with time-anomaly and enhanced sorcerous intensity.

Segment. Analytical subcomponent of a Rite, corresponding to an extensive stage of Numogram transit.

Shadow. Territorial relation of a demon to a current, in which the poles of the demon include one side of a syzygy and the twin of its tractor zone.

Sink Current. Differential product of the 5::4 syzygy (Katak).

Skin-Crawlers. Cybergothic epidermal parasites, associated with Tzikvik shamanistic vermomancy.

Sinofuturism. Techonomic-Taoist chronoplastic runaway on the Pacific Rim.

Sorcery. Spirodynamic cosmic production.

Spinal Catastrophism. Cultural interraction with the spine as a trauma record or time marking system, providing the basis for a bio-social critique of erect body posture. Punctuated retrochronic voyage to the end of the river, involving ophidian transmutation and icthyomotile becomings.

Subdecadence. Vigorously suppressed variant of Decadence, with four additional cards (valued zero, and corresponding to the Chaotic Xenodemons). Subdecadence is consistently associated with the darkest of sorceries (and is known amongst decadologists as 'the ultimate blasphemy').

Surge Current. Differential product of the 8::1 syzygy (Murrumur).

Swarmachine. Vortico-nomadic autonomously numbering assemblage, implementing an abstract cyclone as a continuously Warping molecular multiplicity, flattening space, and maximizing its Cutting-Edges.

Swarm-beats. Sonic innovation (of Bobby Diabolo) utilizing very slow metallic rasping to produce traumatic neuro-acoustic states. [See Death Garage].

Synatives. Artificial (electroneuronic) drugs.

Syzygy. Two zones in relation of zygonovic complementarity (mutually summing to nine), and feeding a Current. One of the five syzygetic demons of Lemurian sorcery.

Tak-Nma. Aggressive head-hunting tribe devoted to the exaltation of Katak, and annihilated in the wake of the 1883 Krakatau catastrophe. [See Nma].

Technmesis. Artificial memory.

Techonomics. Techno-economic feedback dynamics, based on increasing returns, lock-in, acceleration to limits, and social phase-transitions.

Telecommerce. Web-traffic, or systems of nonlocal transaction.

Thanatechnics. Production of zero-sentience fugues. [See A-Death].

Thothtodlana. Queen of the Worms.

Tic(k). Quasiparticle of intensive multiplicity. Tics (or ticks) are intrinsically several components of autonomously numbering anorganic populations, propagating by contagion between segmentary divisions in the order of nature. Ticks - as nonqualitative differentially-decomposable counting marks - each designate a multitude comprehended as a singular variation in tic(k)-density.

Tick-Distributor. Barker's intensive quantizing machine, operating through the induction of microcalcular populations (which count themselves in ticks). [See Tic(k)].

Tic-Systems. Consistent microstimular assemblages dismantling semiotic regimes onto a flat machinic plane. [See Tic(k)].

Time-Ciphers. Zero-based calendrics, linking Sanskrit yugas with Y2K.

Time-Circuit. Central loop of the numogram. Triadic system of the syzygetic chronodemons. Strata-cycle produced by the Surge, Hold and Sink currents (numerical domain of the I Ching).

Time-Sorcery. Counterchronic effectuation of the Numogram, through spiral involvement with demonic distances as transmutations of time.

Toxygenization. Mass poisoning by atmospheric free oxygen.

Tractor(-Zone). Destination of a Current (numerically equivalent to the arithmetic difference of the feeding Syzygy).

Tractor-Twin. Syzygetic complement of a Tractor(-zone).

Transcendental Occurrence. Any event changing the nature of time. Conceptually investigated by the hyperkantian philosopher R. E. Templeton.

Tridentity. Primordial triplicity.

Trinitarian Church of Dagon. Discrete religious order, based in southern England, dedicated to the invocation of the Deep Ones. [See Nomo-Chant].

Tzikvik. Seminomadic Neolemurian relic population inhabiting northern Canada.

Unlife. Autopropagating transmutation on the anorganic plane. Flatline-culture.

Vault of Murmurs. Sacred cavern beneath the dream-temple of the Mu-Nma. Supposedly the site of Stillwell's discovery of the Numogram (during a visionary trance).

Venomenon. The plane of cosmic horror, associated with the nonspace of Cryptic rites.

Vermomancy. Worm-sorcery (linked to Sarkonian Mesh-teemings).

Vermophobic Hysteria. Runaway worm-terror.

Virotechnics. Soft-machinic contagion.

Vivi-6. Modularized total-environment control system, involving high-levels of distributed AI meticulously slaved to Asimovian overcoding.

Warp. Region of Djynxx.

Warp Current. Differential product of the 6::3 syzygy (Djynxx).

Xenodemon. A demon of uncompromised outsideness, with both Net-Span poles designating Zones exterior to the Time-Circuit.

Y2Keynesianism. Millennium bomb countermeasure economic stimulus.

Yettuk. Hyperstitional Y2K-entity, associated with Teotwawki (the end of the world as we know it).

Zone. Basic decimal element of the Numogram, defined by numeral (0 - 9).

Zygonomy. Double-numbering. Especially Mesh/Net number twinning.

Zygonovism. Nine-Sorcery (9-sum combination and differentiation).

Zygotriadic Calendar. Calendar of the Nma, whose basic units are two-year periods (729 days + intercalations) divided successively into triads, so that each day within the biannual cycle is designated by a stack of six triplicative marks.